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Before we get started let’s look at Augusta first. Down in Augusta, GA the city motto is "We feel good" and you will too once you see all it has to offer.

The city itself is located on the Georgia/South Carolina border at the point in the Savannah River beyond which navigation becomes impossible due to waterfalls.

A lot of the electricity Augusta's 528,000 residents enjoy comes from nearby hydroelectric generating stations linked to the many dams above the Augusta fall line.

Augustans also feel good because they're healthy. Their city is one of the premiere health care hubs in the south. An entire neighborhood, known as the medical district, is set aside for medical pursuits near downtown.

The combined facilities of the Medical College of Georgia, University Hospital, and their satellite sites employ over 25,000 people in medical research, biotechnology and general practice.

It the city's largest industry, trumping even the Savannah River nuclear power station and the U.S. Army's Fort Gordon signals center. Savannah River border point, Augusta

Some other employers in the city of Augusta, GA are technology firms, manufacturers, and food services companies like T-Mobile, John Deere, and Kellogg's.

Another reason residents of Augusta, GA have to feel good about themselves is that each year they're home to one of the most prestigious golf tournaments on the PGA Tour.

The Augusta National Golf Club, which draws in golfers and tourists from all over the world, hosts the Masters at the start of each golf season with the winner being awarded with the famous green jacket.

Augustans are proud of this tradition and turn out in droves every year to watch it. Their professional minor league baseball team also takes its name from this jacket.

For those who are not sports enthusiasts, there are plenty of other events to enjoy in Augusta, tournaments on the PGA Tour

Amateur horticulturalists will love the Botanical Gardens and the Phnizy Swamp Nature Park. Hikers will find many miles of trails to enjoy, and music lovers will look forward to the annual Hip Hop festival.

Accommodation in Augusta is plentiful, although during major events, such as the Masters golfing tournament, Augusta hotels quickly become completely booked.

Many affordable hotels can be found around the strip along Washington Road, near to Artist's Row, the Summerville district, the city's Riverwalk and close to Augusta Regional Airport (AGS).

The city of Augusta is the second largest in the state of Georgia (GA) and Augusta is home to many notable historic buildings.

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